How can we get more local produce?



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    A really great way to incoporate more local produce into your diet is to look into buying a “CSA” or a community-supported agriculture share. You pay a set price, and then pick up a box or bag (or have it delivered) of local produce from a farm or a number of farms that participate in the program. This takes the time out of shopping at a market, and you will probably also get to try new things you haven’t had before!

    Other than a CSA, other good ways to get local produce is to visit a farmer’s market, pressure your local supermarket to stock local produce, or begin growing a vegetable garden yourself!

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    We can get more local produce by growing more local produce.  Start a garden in your backyard.  You can use those ingredients yourself, and sell any leftovers you may have.  It’s cheaper, healthier and better for the environment.

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