How can we get more kids to recycle?



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    There are LOTS of ways to encourage children to recycle. In school cafeterias, children are often encouraged to place recyclable goods such as juice containers, cans, and bottles in designated recycling bins. Teachers often have recycling bins or crates in the classroom for easy paper recycling. However, there are many other ways for kids to get involved in recycling. For example, practicing recycling at home is a great way to establish a healthy habit, and kids can even benefit from the incentive of collecting bottles and cans to redeem for cash at a local recycling center.

    You can also be creative while showing your child how not to be wasteful by reusing objects such as CDs, small toys, fabrics, fancy paper, and miscellaneous decorations to create crafts, gifts, and even quilts. Check out the links below for ideas teachers and families alike can use to increase kids’ interest in recycling.

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