How can we get more Asian countries to help us with climate change?



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    They already are helping already with working to offset climate damage, studying environmental impacts of human activities, and investing in green technologies. I think Asian countries had about the same amount of work to do when it comes to adopting new-green-methods (tons) as we do! I guess though, we could work with them on designing alternative energy / transportation / sustainable methods / (in a biodegradable nutshell:) green technologies and sharing useful knowledge and practices learned, wisdom gained (which we are already doing with cross-global companies like Siemens, General Electric, Wal Mart, AT&T, etc.). Also our American companies that are already established that make alternative energy / transportation (green innovations that help subdue the problems of resource depletion and carbon release, and lessen human impact on the environment) could give these countries discounts and loans on these green technologies. Even waive taxes or tarifs on imported / exported products.

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