How can we get the mercury out of the sea food that we eat?



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    There is no way to physically remove mercury from fish that has been contaminated. Though Selenium has been found to neutralize mercury in the body, the mercury can’t be cut out or cooked off from fish.

    To find which fish are safest to eat, check the EPA’s fish advisory.

    To keep mercury out of fish in the first place, consumers need to avoid products containing mercury and should dispose of these materials properly.

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    One particular way that will help reduce mercury in seafood is to dispose of fluorescent light bulbs properly.  Waste Management offers a program to retrieve used bulbs and recycle them for you.  Companies are actually fined if they don’t adhere to the regulations set forth for fluorescent disposal.  When mercury is disposed properly, it stays out of land fills and waterways that eventually run-off into oceans and sea waters, contaminating our seafood.

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