How can we get kids to care more about deforestation in other countries?



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    This question brings to my mind old videos like the bill on the steps of the capitol building explaining how he becomes a law. I saw that video when I was a kid and still remember it today, so I would recommend an educational cartoon.

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    It may seem dull but I strongly believe that education and a spread of awareness can really make a big difference. If kids don’t even know about deforestation in other countries in the first place, how are they going to care about such a problem? Perhaps implementing these cases in their day to day classes can bring an impact. 

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    Its all about infusing in their mind the immensity of this problem. We need to educate our children, not brainwash them, but show them the truth about deforestation. The more we tell our children, the more likely they are able to influence other children. 

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    A great way to get children to care about things outside of their own small worlds (hey, they’re just kids!) is to connect them with other children whose lives are affected by whatever problem we are confronting. Penpal programs, student exchanges, donation drives for affected children, and the reading of certain books (there are lots of series out there for children that are done in the style of a child’s personal journal) can help connect children to other people and their problems. This will help them empathize and learn that they can do something about issues like deforestation, and that deforestation is wrong when it so negatively affects both the environment and kids just like the ones we are educating.

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    Kids love animals. They soak up facts about exotic animals from all corners of the globe. Talking about the need for forests as crucial habitat to countless animals instills concern for deforestation.

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