How can we get grocery and club chains to offer more coupons for healthy, organic foods?

I belong to my local grocery store’s email list, as well as BJ’s club list. I check out for deals. I’ve noticed an extreme lack of coupons for organic foods as I’ve been receiving these over the last six months. I know if I go straight to a product’s website (for example, Stonyfield Farm or Bear Naked Granola), I can occasionally find coupons, but I know the average consumer isn’t going to spend time going through all these sites. We love convenience! Perhaps an email campaign would work?



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    I agree.  An e-mail campaign might just help.  I have found that you can actually get a lot of stuff from businesses just by asking, it would likely help to start a campaign.  The second part of this is to get more consumers interested in healthy foods. When the suppliers realize we want more organic produce they will start to grow it, and along with increased supply, price will go down (or at least they should be able to offer more coupons).

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    The only way to is to demand it.  Things lke chips are cheap.  They can be stored for long periods of time thanks the friendly help of preservatives (cough).  So if they are not bought immediately, it doesn’t matter.  That is how they can be so cheap.

    Produce goes bad.  If it is not bought it goes bad and they lost money.  plus the way the grocery system is built, they just upcharge produce a lot.

    The only way to get this to change is to demand that it is changed. Consumers doubt their power.  Write to your store, or plant a garden.  The less you buy from them the more they will have to lower the price to bring in customers. 

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