How can we get gas to burn cleaner?



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    To get cleaner burning gas, you just have to find the specific gas that burns the cleanest. All methods of burning a certain type of gas result in the same breakdown of particles and emissions. But choosing a different gas can make a cleaner burning gas. For example, taxi cabs in New York have been switching to burning natural gas rather than gasoline because there is less pollution emitted (and the taxis last longer!).

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    Natural gas is no better for the environment.  “Hydrofracking,” a popular method of removing it from the ground, is horrifyingly destructive to the environment.  Any source that touts natural gas as a new, cleaner, green energy source is greenwashing.  There is NO WAY to make burning fossil fuels not incredibly bad for the environment.  The only way is to switch to entirely different fuels, such as hydrogen or solar.

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