How can we get eco friendly consumption to create a balanced economy?



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    I don’t believe you can. Consumption and eco friendly are not possible together. To balance the economy without regulation means that we have to let capitalism have a laissez faire free hand. That means consuming beyond need. Walk through Whole Foods and look at the abundance of STUFF. Sure they’re all free trade and organic and all that, but do we need THAT MUCH?

    To be truly eco friendly, we need to stop thinking of the economy as existing outside our immediate community. It does not mean isolationism, it simply means local commerce. Then the people own their own labor, and produce without waste and exploitation.

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    There are many ways, but they all begin with knowledge. We must study what others are doing, both within our nation, and in other nations. Consider options like barter (as used by most so-called “primitive” peoples). Consider the value of saving versus spending. These and other ideas may bring Americans and westerners towards better habits. However, it will not happen overnight.

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