How can we get companies to care more about the environment?



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    There are a couple angles to address this problem. 

    The first is from a governmental perspective.  Government can create legislation that rewards/punishes companies for being environmentally conscious or destructive.  Set guidelines for industry on waste production and pollution, and if they surpass the limits, then they are taxed accordingly.  If the company displays cleaner practices than the guideline, then reward them with tax breaks or other incentives.

    The second method is from the consumer’s view.  As consumers, we have more power than we think, and with increased research and knowledge about the products we consume, comes more power.  If we decide to boycott products that are not conducting ethical, conscious business practices, then those companies lose money and are forced to adapt or fall away.  The key for this method is in the consumer’s hands to be educated and do our research.  Know what you are buying, and learn what alternatives may exist.

    A combination of both are a sound strategy to get companies to listen to the public, and to the ailing environment.

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