How can we get communities more involved with sustainability?



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    Education is a tremendous resource in mobilizing people for the good of the environment. There has been widespread misinformation about the realities of global warming, and as a consequence many people (a little less than half of Americans) still believe that global warming has been blown out of proportion by the media and scientists alike. As big oil players throw more money into denying global warming many people may not recognize the emergency and therefore the importance of living sustainably. Others may believe global warming exists, but think there is nothing they can do to prevent it or soften the blow. Therefore, I believe the best way to get communities involved with sustainability is to change peoples minds by educating them about the fact of global warming and spreading information on the ways in which they can reduce their environmental impact and profit from a sustainable lifestyle. 

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    Someone has to start at some point to be involved in sustainability. My opinion is to start educating the young generation. Start introducing to our children about this deteriorating environment and how they can help. Of course parents have to also begin at some point. Making this as one of the subject of the kids curriculum and get parents involvement may be a great start. 

    For example, one day of get together parents and kids with fun recycling activity at school, or creative art by using recyclable materials. 

    Advertisement may also help to inform people how important this matter is. 

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