How can we get Americans to be more active in stopping deforestation?



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    The best way would be to educate the youth. It’s easier to teach people to be active in stopping deforestation when they’re younger than it is to get people to change once they’ve grown used to a destructive lifestyle when they’re older. Start by looking things up online and try and get a program going at a local school. The website attached might help.

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    Not only teach the youth, but teach the parents that teach the youth!! Everyone matters. I believe that the best way though is to start internet movements. The internet is now being utilized by nearly everyone, whether they like it or not. 

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    I think we need to educate them that it is happening.  I don’t think people are aware that some companies which make the paper products we use every day (toilet paper, kleenex, papertowels) are clear cutting virgin forests for our products. If we can reach the public and explain why it is important to stop this deforestation, then we will get a lot more support for these efforts. 

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    This site actually helped me develop a new perspective.


    When we discover a great resource, like palm oil, then it quickly grows in high demand.  Because of the opportunity and desire to satisfy consumer needs, the resource gets maximized…beyond its potential.  In the case of palm oil, they deforest already existing land to produce enough palm to meet the need.  What started as a great thing turned into a horrible thing.


    What can we do to help stop deforestation? Become familiar with the area we live in.  Understand the land and it’s potential, utilizing and replenishing the resources on a scale suited for that area.  Let others do the same with theirs.  This would reduce the demand for palm oil, which is a great resource, since people who live in areas without palm will find some other resource that fits the same need and matches their own ecosystem.


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