How can we get the American public more involved with helping climate change?



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    Good question, forfarrell.  I think the best way to get others more involved is to get them to start thinking about it.  They may see commercials or hear about something on the news, but to hear about climate change from a friend or family member is much more effective.  Go out and buy something like an inconvenient truth, Al Gore’s movie on climate change, and borrow it to everyone you know.  Get a Sigg bottle, and make sure you sport it everywhere you go.  If you raise awareness and people make little changes in their lives, then you have helped.  Remind them of the simple things like turning off lights and being mindful of the use of hot water, heating, and a/c, because even though we may have all learned about these when we were young, a reminder is helpful.  The most important thing in my opinion is to raise awareness, the people that you affect will then find ways of helping that work for them.

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    There are various strategies being used around the world to bring awareness to the issue of climate change.  In India, schools have organized a sports competition called Games Olympiad of Disaster And Climate Management to garner healthy competition and bring students together for a cause.  In the United States, various organizations intiated candle vigils in support of the Copenhagen climate conferences.  Education and awareness is effective through grassroots organizing.

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    forfarrell, the most direct way to reach the world is one community at a time. With communities working together all around the globe, we can achieve beautiful synergy with our neighbors overseas and next door, for uniting behind a common goal we all see an effect from can truly unite this world. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    One of the things I think we need to do is to get a majority of the American people to believe in climate change. There is a very vocal minority of voices out there insisting that global warming is either not real or not caused by humans, some even going so far as to call it a “hoax” or some sort of conspiracy by scientists, UN officials and (naturally) Al Gore. While there are a few reputable scientists who do question the generally-accepted consensus of climate change–in science, as in any field of human endeavour, there is never 100% agreement–there are also front groups and individuals, often funded by business or political interests, who are trying to create the erroneous impression that there is significant doubt as to whether global warming is happening and whether humans are causing it. Unfortunately these efforts, such as the hacking of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit’s email system in November to obtain supposedly “incriminating” messages, are having an effect on the public’s support for climate change mitigation efforts. I think a concerted effort needs to be made by everyone concerned about climate change to educate their neighbors, friends, students, co-workers etc. that climate change is real and is a serious problem. So I agree with the answers presented so far that a crucial part of getting people involved is to educate them, and word-of-mouth of family members, friends and other people you know is more likely to make an impact than a commercial on TV or even a slick Hollywood movie.

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    I think it is all about making the public aware and knowledgeable. If they begin to understand their personal effects on the environment, than maybe they have a shot at changing. The more you know, the more you get involved and change. It is all about knowing the real problems that the human race faces. 

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    I think education is the most important part of getting people more involved with climate change.  Once people fully understand the severity of the situation, it will be hard for them to ignore the problem. Bringing awareness to the issue is also extremely important.  Making sure that the media presents accurate facts is key as well.  Mostly, people really just need to educate themselves about the issues.  

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