How can we get all of these electric car companies to start making cars we can actually buy?



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    The day when car companies start building affordable electric cars is probably drawing near. One of the major obstacles–technology–seems to have been overcome to a large degree. The recent success of Tesla Motors may be an indication of things to come. One of the things the public can do is to make demand for electric vehicles visible and to lobby the government to support research into improved technology and the building of infrastructure (charging stations) for electric vehicles.

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    When electric vehicles become more common, their prices will go down.  Already we have gone from the $100,000+ Tesla Roadster to the $49,000 Tesla Model S (still expensive), the $25,280-$32,780 Nissan Leaf and the $33,500 Chevy Volt.  While these prices are not considered affordable to many people, they are much more reasonable considering the average price of new cars sold in the US is $28,400.

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