how can we fix our energy problems?



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    There are several ways to fix our energy problems. We could decrease our dependence on oil by using a biodiesel fuel called Grassolean to power our cars. We could also begin harvesting geothermal energy such as the heat from volcanoes or geysers to power our homes and offices.
    Grassolean deserves serious consideration. Deep fryer grease can be useful after all.

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    The only reasonable way to use much less liquid fuel for transportation is to drive much less. All the alternatives cannot produce the 19.6 million barrels per day of oil the US consumes, 70% of which is in transportation. (Alternatives can certainly decrease our dependence on oil; they cannot fix the liquid fuel part of our energy problems.)

    The electric option for transportation has its own problems – right now, the only way to rapidly scale up electricity generation significantly (if there were suddenly a lot more electric cars demanding more power) is by mining more coal. Even if there were enough electricity to power them, electric car motors require mined stuff like neodymium (all presently produced in China; a US mine is going on line about now, January 2011) and the batteries require lanthanum and lithium. You’d trade dependence on imported oil for dependence on imported coal, neodymium, lanthanum, lithium, and several other commodities.

    See the link for other issues with electric cars.

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