How can we fix the environment after a war?



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    War in any element is devastating; from the extraction of resources, application of weapons, the destruction of buildings and oil fields, fires, introduction of harmful chemicals, military transport movements, and the countless human and animals killed does its toll on the environment. This is multiplied when, like in todays world, there are multiple wars and conflicts all over the world. There usually is so much damage that “fixing” the environment may be the wrong word to use. Generally, after a huge war is over, the environment is largely overlooked and placed behind other pending issues such as government and infrastructure.

    Other than including an environmental agenda while rebuilding a society, most of the damage has been done and we have to live with it. For instance, in July 2006, Israel’s borders were attacked by rockets sent by Hezbollah, resulting in an open war between Israel and Lebanon.


    Israel then bombed a power station near Beirut causing 20,000 tons of oil to be spilled into the Mediterranean Sea, killing fish and endangering every species in that habitat–the damage has been done.


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