How can we fill the hole in the ozone layer?



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    We’d have to do 2 things: Stop polluting so there was no further destruction of the ozone (a layer of special molecules, ozone is known chemically as O_3 – named for the fact that it has 3 oxygen molecules, instead of the normal gas [which we breathe in about a 20 percent concentration; although we can survive with somewhat less than 21 percent oxygen {perhaps down to 14 percent? Same percent as at altitude} I just read in a bio-dome experiment!], which is O_2 gas [which means it’s a diatomic molecule; di- meaning “two”]) versus a 3 molecule form of gas — ozone — a “tri-atomic” molecule? — no, they don’t call it that. Here’s what they do call it:

    Another form (allotrope) of oxygen, ozone (O3), helps protect the biosphere from ultraviolet radiation with the high-altitude ozone layer, but is a pollutant near the surface where it is a by-product of smog.

    — from wiki (first link)

    And we would also probably have to figure out a way to produce the gas without there being any adverse or damaging effects to the environment.  Chemical synthesis of a 3 molecule form of oxygen and then local delivery to the upper/mid atmosphere. That’s going to be tough, but theoretically, it’s possible. Ozone might form once again on it’s own (if O_2 concentrations rose relative to harmful [massive, on the molecular scale] pollutants like CFC’s, which can literally knock Ozone molecules into outer space, thus releasing them forever from Earth’s gravitation field, thus reducing the effect the ozone layer’s uncanny ability to protect us [naturally] from the sun’s harmful rays))) but it will only re-form in the concentration that it was at before human impact caused some significant destruction if we are able to cease that destruction and allow plant life to once again repopulate the atmosphere with refreshing, clean [pollutant, large molecule {GG} free] oxygen gas. In other words, ozone will return to us if we let plants do their job. 

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