How can we fight against outsourcing?



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    Buy products and services that are produced under fair labor practices. Write to your legislators. Raise awareness in your community by talking to friends at school, work, church, etc. Write letters to the editor of your local paper.

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      I do not think this would be very helpful, as decision is not really in the hands of our legislators. Raising awareness always helps, but from my experience I can tell you what really helps: say NO to it. Unfortuanely I had to work with such a company and I say this always works: when a whole department says NO to the outsourcing decision that was taken far away from their country, then that department can not be outsourced. If people hold together they can not be sent into unemployment… at least in Europe.

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    It will probably take legislation to prevent companies from saving money by outsourcing. Why would they pay more if they don’t have to? However, outsourcing kills American jobs. While it may financially benefit the company that is doing it, it hurts the economy in general. It may take more than awareness to stop it. It’s like expecting professional baseball players not to use perfectly legal steroids. Everyone else is, and they’re getting bigger and stronger. They would have to be illegal to stop everyone from doing it.

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