How can we ensure a diverse diet for honey bees?



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    The best way to ensure a diverse diet for honey bees is to create a farming community that understands the importance of planting a wide variety of crops. However, farming doesn’t work like this much anymore.

    If you are a farmer, you can start planting a diverse variety of crops on your farm. If you are not a farmer, you can still help. You can make sure to plant a variety of plants in your garden so that honey bees in your area have an alternative place to pollinate, other than the farm land in your area.

    You can also speak to your local authority or councilors about making public spaces more diverse with what they plant so that you create a bee friendly public environment.

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    The best way to ensure a diverse diet for honeybees is to contribute by buying organic products and by creating your own organic farm that honeybees and hummingbirds could go to. This way you can eat with a good conscience and enjoy the fruits and vegetables  that you so proudly grew by in your beautiful garden. It is quite satisfying.

    I have a garden at home. I grow strawberries, Japanese eggplants, green beans, tomatos, green onion and mint. Each time I eat something from my garden I feel at ease knowing that I am eating fruits and vegetables that help honeybees survive and are not treated with pesticides and dangerous substance. Each time a fruit is ripe and a vegetable is ready to eat I get happy knowing that I contributed to its blossoming. Gardening and farming is also therapy. If you are stressed then go to the garden and garden! It helps a lot! Enjoy the greenery and breathe in the air and take your mind off of things. It really works!

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