How can we ease people’s dependence on pharmaceuticals in favor of more natural remedies?



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    I think this issue comes down to the insurance companies. It’s cheaper for me to get a prescription for anxiety at ten dollars for a 30 day supply, than going to get acupuncture, which costs anywhere from $45-$70 per session. Many insurance companies will cover some of the costs for alternative medicine, but nothing is cheaper than buying prescription pills.

    The FDA does not have to regulate herbal medication, therefore some people are hesitant to take these drugs since they have not been tested, and again the insurance companies do not cover herbal medication.

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    Many natural remedies have no strong research backing to support its use and thus patients are, perhaps rightly so, hesitant to choose it over conventional therapies. More money needs to be put into natural medical research so the field has more credit to it, and so people can build a sense of trust in it. Also, doctor’s in conventional medical schools should be taught about natural remedies so that they can choose to practice it with their patients. For most patients, exposure to these types of medicines come from their primary care physician and if the physician had knowledge concerning this topic, more people would be educated about it and exposed to it.

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    I think that if people were aware of the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, they would think twice about taking them.  Check out the video on the citation below.

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