How can we do to make the experience at a ball park more green?



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    Many major league teams are doing their park to make professional baseball a little more environmentally friendly. In Atlanta, vendors are wearing uniforms made from 50% recycled bottled caps. The Mets have installed waterless urinals. And Tampa Bay offers free parking to those who choose to carpool. And the Yankees use energy efficient light bulbs.

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    People can take public transportation to ball games, which can move a large amount of people in one trip. Ball games played at night use a large amount of energy for lighting, playing a game during day time would offer a way to conserve some energy. Vendors could begin selling organic food and fan merchandise made from recycled or organic sources. People could also bring their own reusable water bottles so they do not have to buy water bottles during a game.

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    I would say using food and drink containers that are made from recycle materials along with being recycled again would have the largest impact in the process of making a ballpark sustainable. Currently one game in a stadium produces an enormous amount of trash. Multiplied by all the stadiums and arenas, it is a serious issue.

    The answer above also has many great ideas.

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