How can we decrease the water pollution in America?



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    Consider these ideas:
    (and find further explanations at: )

    -First and foremost: Enforce existing laws
    -Encourage smart agricultural practices…
    -Reduce urban/suburban runoff of lawn fertilizers and pesticides
    -Prevent further destruction wetlands, and reestablish them wherever possible
    -Drive less
    -Improve sewage treatment
    -Get going on fixing outdated municipal water treatment plants.
    -Fully fund the Clean Water State Revolving Fund
    -Help localities set up programs that ensure septic system maintenance and monitoring.
    -Eliminate “straight pipes.”
    -Fully fund beach monitoring programs
    -Conserve water
    -Water pollution control is most appropriately addressed at the watershed level, including: preserving undeveloped land to help soak up rains; and constructing wetlands, stream buffer zones, and settlement ponds to allow contaminated runoff to undergo natural biological remediation before it gets into the watershed.
    -Stopping Deforestation
    -Opposing Coastal Development
    -Reducing Pollution from Oil and Petroleum Liquids
    -Reducing Mercury Emissions
    -Cleaning Up Mining Practices
    -Cleaning Up Chemical Pollution
    -Fighting Global Warming

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    Another way to prevent water pollution is to take your car to car washes that remove toxic substances and then send the water to treatment facilities. Usually when you wash your car at home, the water goes directly into storm drains and will end up in your local waterways instead of being sent to treatment facilities.

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