How can we deal with sprawl in a good way?



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    By living in it.  “Sprawl” is only “sprawl” because it is more space than people need, but if people are using it, if neighborhoods include businesses, public transit, and both apartments and houses, it’s no longer sprawl–it’s a part of urban living, and a kind of positive satellite extension of the city.  This, however, requires a lot of leadership, and if you are just looking to make changes in your own life, consider planting a garden, especially one that includes native plants.  One of the consequences of sprawl is that often large swaths of land are mowed down for new developments, destroying the local ecosystem in the process.  Humans can live much more closely with nature than they often realize, and need to start considering that having an acre of mowed grass behind their home, rather than a forest, is not such a good thing.

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