How can we create weightlessness?



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    as of yet this is not possible. the illusion of weightlessness is possible on earth but there has been no method to counter the force of gravity. only a device made to counteract the force of gravity would create weightlessness. gravity is still theoretical and not quite well understood by the scientific community, so perhaps one day weightlessness will be feasible

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    There are two ways to create weightlessness.  The first is an illusion of weightlessness, but is identical in all observed aspects.  That is, to fall.  Astronauts experience weightlessness because in orbit, their ship is constantly falling, but they have a velocity perpendicular to the surface of the earth such that they fall around the planet, instead of toward its center.  There are also weightless tourism companies that fly a plane high into the atmosphere, then put it into freefall.  The second way is to go to a place in space where the forces of gravity in all directions are canceled out by counteractive gravities, and just hang out.  You will experience a net gravitational force of zero, meaning you will retain your mass but no weight!

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