How can we create a better barrier between cars and cyclists?



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    If we can create bike paths that are completely separate, like winding through between the dwellings and private land, or greenbelts that run through the landscape.

    Really though, short of ripping up the street grids and existing land it won’t happen in most established cities. Putting a curb between traffic and bike paths is one solution I have seen. It won’t save someone from a car out of control, but it will delineate in a way that most cars and cyclists will not violate. The problem is the worst at intersections where cars need to turn right, it is a negotiation that both drivers and cyclists need to cooperate in.

    If a city is planning a major transport ion change like Boston went through in the big dig, they should certainly consider creating the separate and non-gird like bike path system. It is healthy, for both the body and mind to get off the transportation grid.
    “Bike trails may spring up along Boston’s Fort Point Channel, providing an alternative to highway commuters.”

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