How can we correct the problem of overfishing tuna populations?



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    The best thing would be to stop selling the bluefin tuna. However, we would need Japan to be on board for this and that’s not likely. Hopefully the US can still place a ban for international sales, and that will certainly help, but unless other countries work with us to restore the tuna population we will probably still see decreasing numbers.

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    For this to be done, consumers have to eat less tuna. This could be accomplished a number of ways. The best way would be for effective governance of the region where the tuna is caught, strictly monitored fishing permits would have the effect of making the tuna cost more to bring to market, and would increase the cost. Another way, perhaps less effective because it would only target a single market is to put tariffs on tuna entering the US. If the local government sells permits, they get the excess money, if the fishers raise their prices, they get, if the US government imposes tariffs they will get the revenue – but essentially that is what needs to happen. In order to reduce  the quantity demanded you must raise the price. 

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    Science-based conservation and management is the only way to stop overfishing of tunas. The simple fact is your government is responsible for this and often times your government is failing to act, or at least failing to get other governments on board to do the right thing.

    Our Foundation is dedicated to working at the regional fisheries management organization (RFMO) level. These are the governing bodies, formed by treaty among nations, that manage tuna fisheries. 

    Nations need to adhere to scientific directive.

    Still there are many issues impacting the overfishing of tuna: illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, too many vessels, too little enforcement. There isn’t one silver bullet to solving the problem but there is one way to correct most of what’s wrong – get nations to do their job and protect your interests. is our website. 


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