How can we cook more green?



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    To make cooking more green, try using eco-friendly cookware, including cast iron skillets and bamboo utensils, and non-aerosol oil. Growing your own vegetables and herbs drastically reduces your food miles. By slicing foods smaller and cooking more than one item at a time, cooking will be more efficient, thus using less energy. It is worth investing in Energy Star rated appliances also.

    Choosing more environmentally friendly foods is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health. Eating food that is organic, less processed, less packaged, local, and meat-free helps keep the environment free of pesticides while reducing waste and energy use.

    Here are some tips to make your kitchen more eco-friendly:

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    Try to buy as much of your food as possible from farmer’s markets. This way you are supporting local farmers and getting good quality, organic food. Choosing to eat seasonally is also an important factor here. This means that your food is not traveling a long way to reach you; you are simply eating what is fresh and available near you. This is a very sustainable, green and responsible way to think about your diet. 

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