How can we change the electrical vehicle industry from a battery charging infrastructure to a battery switching infrastructure?

The cost and lifespan of batteries, time to charge and driving distance make the electric vehicle a difficult choice.



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    At this point the rechargeable battery infrastructure does make the electric vehicle difficult, but I honestly don’t think that we will ever switch to a battery switching infrastructure.  A lot of the call for electric vehicles is with regards to the benefit to the environment that they bring.  A battery switching industry may be more harmful to the environment than even gas powered cars because of the vast amount of resources that would be required if we do eventually have a large number of electric vehicles on the road.  While you are right that charging time and driving distance does put a damper on the idea of rechargeable vehicles, the cost and lifespan argument would not be a valid one to make.  While a rechargeable battery does indeed cost more than disposable ones, the fact that they are rechargeable (even though they do eventually die) makes them far more cost efficient than it would be to buy a new one every time you needed a new battery.  The lifespan of each individual charge is also about the same, but once again, you can reuse the rechargeables.  I think that the more ideal situation would be to increase the infrastructure of rechargeable batteries and put more charging stations around the United States while also increasing the quality of the rechargeable batteries.

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