How can we better combat poaching?



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    The best way to combat poaching, in my opinion, is to spread awareness of every animals role in their particular ecosystem and stress the importance in maintaining that balance. The want for goods from poached animals will always exist; by gaining support for preservation of these animals, additional funding and resources, as well as popular support, can be allocated towards protecting hunted animals.

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    The crime of poaching needs to be recognized internationally as an environmental crime against biodiversity. These crimes need to be severely punished and countries that demonstrate conservation efforts that limit poaching need support. Education is also instrumental to limiting the market for poached animal items, but the areas where poaching is done are often economically depressed. If locals can be taught and employed to become park rangers and to help find and punish poachers, maybe they will be more protective of their native species as well as able to support their own families.

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