How can we already be talking about the second generation Volt when the first hasn’t even come out yet?



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    Well, this type of thing happens with a lot of products.  Pretty much everyone knows that the first generation Volt will have some problems that need to be worked out, and chances are that very soon after it does come out, we will discover a new way to make the battery more efficient and last longer.  The first generation Volt is almost like a prototype that they can measure consumer demand and satisfaction while the second generation will probably be a much better car.

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    Technology moves pretty quickly.  So many people are anticipating the Volt and have heard about it for so long that everything — including its flaws — are known to the public and the makers of the Volt.  It’s just like iPhone.  Everyone wants the best version of the product, and if the second Volt is being designed, it is being done so such that it will be better than the first one.

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