How can vinyl be recycled?



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    Vinyl can be recycled into durible building materials, like piping and siding, and can be used for medical and electronic appliences as well as other consumer products. Vinyl-based plastics is identified as being number 3 in the resin udentification code (chasing arrows recycling emblem) on plastics.

    Also, you can contact a local vinyl recycling agency with the second link down. You can search by your location to find one near you.


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    In case you’re feeling crafty, I use old records as frames for art and pictures.  I just attach the picture in the middle and have that nice, black, ribbed, circular background give a somewhat ’70s look to parts of my house.  Also, I’ve seen some cool jewelry be made out of melting and manipulating records, including bracelets and pendants.  Also, making clocks out of the is  common, since that have the convenient hole in them already.  Check out the links for ideas and some cool art that’s been created from records.

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