How can the US gas industry go green?



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    In my opinion, gas is nothing more than a temporary fix. We will run out of it eventually, wether that’s in 5 years or 500. There is simply not enough dead things to keep making fossil fuels; most other means of making gas, say, form corn, take just as much, if not more energy and money (see link) to refine and can take away from using land or resources for what we need it for. However, both battery-run and electric cars are being improved upon everyday, and with luck we’ll soon have vehicles that don’t need gas at all.

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    I think the only way the gas industry can truly go green is to invest in the renewable energy market as quickly as possible, getting a good foothold and basically turning into solar or biofuel companies as opposed to gas.  One way or another, gas will eventually be phased out, so the companies have to adapt or go under.

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