How can the United States get people driving on freeways to slow down?



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    Well, the basic idea behind the system is that they publish speed limits and then punish people who exceed them.

    The problem on places like freeways is that the traffic is moving so fast that people are forced to speed to keep up, as going slower than the flow of traffic is dangerous.

    Heavier enforcement of speed limits on freeways may help prevent this problem.

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    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to catch everyone who goes over the speed limit. Personally I believe that we will eventually just have speed control over cars in the future. Perhaps one day in the future, when a car supersedes the current speed limit for a certain amount of time, they will automatically be ticketed, rather than having to be pulled over. This would undoubtedly give more people pause when speeding, as they won’t simply have to worry if a cop sees them. The car will notify the driver when they are exceeding the speed limit, and if they do it for more than a certain allotted time (perhaps enough to merge and such), they get ticketed and fined automatically. This is the same reason that gives people pause at intersections that photograph cars when they run a red light; they are caught anyway, whether a police officer is present or not, and they are fined. This would spell bad news for all the speed demons out there. 

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