How can unemployment be solved.



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    This is one of the biggest issues facing America today. There are many ideas circulating for “solving” the job crisis but it is difficult to say if any will actually create the jobs that many people so desperately need at this time. One of the big issues is that people are just not qualified to fill the positions that are currently open in many companies. One idea to help fix this issue is to install training programs for new employees. Companies should train those they can hire as well as retrain those that already hold lower level jobs within their company. Training those who are already employed may give an employee the ability to qualify for promotion. This will open up more lower level jobs where others being trained will be able to work. A company may complain that these trainings will cost them money, but only in the short term. When they have a whole new team of individuals trained and working more efficiently, the company will remain strong long term. This idea may not solve the entire job crisis, but it is certainly a start.

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    From what I’ve learned as a Business minor there are many ways of going about this eternal question.  In today’s unique situation, companies are not heavily motivated to rehire the workers they laid off even after the economy picked up again.  This is because they have found that they are able to maintain the same productivity with fewer workers.  In my opinion the problem is not so much that we have unemployment, rather the problem is our social economic system.  Most people in America are expected to be individually sustainable and have their own job.  If we were to be more familial and not be so concerned with all having a full-time job the system could loosen up.  If more people would be alright with a part-time job and supporting and sharing with others rather than being immensely concerned with individual consumption, a little unemployment would not hit us as hard.

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