How can twitter be used to help the environment?



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    Twitter can be used to help the environment in the same way that Greenanswers can, by educating people on environmentally friendly practices and philosophies. Twitter could be even better because it has such a large following, as well as celebrity contributors who could influence large numbers of people with environmentally friendly endorcements.

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    I agree.  Social media and forums and the internet on whole can be used for great causes, however it is entirely dependent on the users.  Twitter can educate people on news, inform followers of upcoming events, and just overall helping people stay informed.

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    You can tweet about environmental causes that you care about.  It’s a good way to update people close to you about what’s important to you.  I’m sure there’s many other users who tweet about the environment as well.  Just look under the search users option.

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    There are a variety of environmental organizations, bloggers, eco-experts, and people who live green lifestyles who are already taking advantage of Twitter to spread the word.  Some of the more well known twitters include: The Climate Project (Al Gore’s organzation), Earth Justice (an environmental law organization), and Earth Hour (a national movement to saving electricity by turning off lights on certain days of the year)

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