How can truck stops be used to offset carbon?



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    The main thing that truck stops can do to help offset carbon dioxide pollution is by turning their trucks off while they are there.  This may seem like something you would think they would do anyway, but they don’t always.  Because truck drivers are required by law to rest for 10 hours after driving for 11, they spend a good deal of time at truck stops.  During this time, they usually let their truck idle so as to give power to their cabin for heating, lighting, etc.  Letting their trucks idle burns fuel, and burning fuel contributes to carbon dioxide pollution.  If you add up all the trucks at stops and all the time they are idling, you can understand why the simple act of turning off their trucks would make a difference. 

    This is where things like IdleAire come in.  IdleAire is a company that offers heat, a/c, electricity, phone lines, Internet, and more to truck drivers through a tube that they can connect to their window at truck stops.  This means the drivers can turn off their engines and help limit their production of carbon dioxide.

    Here is a picture of the IdleAire set-up:

    Hope this helps!

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