How can tree seeds be used for water purification?



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    Using the seeds from the Moringa oleifera tree allows for water purification. This is done by grinding the seeds into a paste and mixing the paste with untreated water, then allowing the paste to bind with the impurities. This technique can be used in undeveloped nations that do not have access to clean water. Hope this helps!

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    This is actually a pretty cool process.  The Moringa oleifera tree seeds can be ground, mixed with untreated water, and then the sediment is allowed to settle.  This article does not quite explain how, but it says the ground up seeds will bind to impurities and cause them to settle to the bottom of the bucket, leaving fresh drinking water on top.  What is really cool is the fact that the natural habitat coincides with many areas that do not have clean drinking water. 

    If you are interested you can download a free copy of the protocol here

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