How can technology help us make shipping more green?



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    Shipping causes approximately 10% of the world’s greenhouse gag emissions. There is a website that allows you to create an account, track your packages, see how they are being shipped (via plane, van, etc.) and it calculates the carbon footprint your shipment is making. You can then purchase carbon offsets on the website that help fund projects that make the air cleaner. 

    Also, the USPS is starting to acclimate more and more shipping vehicles that run on electricity instead of gas. This will greatly reduce the carbon emissions coming from the local mail system. If they can replace all of the local USPS trucks with electric versions of them, the carbon emissions coming from shipping will reduce greatly. Below is the website describing the history of electric vehicles used by the USPS, and what they’re doing today. 

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    Different companies are looking into green logistics.  Various technology has been developed to improve the methods of shipping.  For example, the Green Machine, an eco-friendly tractor for transporting freight was unveiled at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals in October 2009.  More companies are looking to make the transportation of goods more efficient while saving the environment.

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