How can tap water be dangerous for humans?



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    Drinking tap water does have it’s risks.  However, it many situations, tap water can be safer than drinking bottled water.  The required testing required for tap water is far more rigorous than bottled water.  

    The biggest concerns for drinking tap water are of course the bacterial and chemical contamination.  To most, the risks are low.  However, those with weak immune systems, chronic illness, young children, and pregnant women, are much more vulnerable to the risks of the contaminations.

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    As kline47 said, tap water is often safer than bottled water. Here is a list of the top 100 tap water suppliers in America. If your local tap water supplier is anywhere on the top 100 list, don’t even bother with bottled water. My tap water supplier is not on the top 100 list, but the city mails out information on what is in it, so I know that it is safe to drink. It has a bunch of calcium carbonate, but that is not harmful. I use a filter to get rid of some of the impurities just to make it taste better. The tap water is safe for me, my fish, and my garden. My tap water has a pH of about 8, so I neutralize it with vinegar before putting it in my fish tank.

    On the top 100 list, I have tasted water from Dallas, TX and Alameda County, CA. Both of them are very pure, and it boggles my mind how anyone from either of those places could buy bottled water.

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