How can swine flu help develop a universal flu vaccine?



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    I’m not sure what you’re asking, but as of right now there is no universal flu vaccine. Well before the flu season begins, scientists meet and try and come up with the closest “picture” of what the most common two or three influenza viruses will look like. Then they engineer the virus, innoculate millions of eggs with the virus, isolate and deactivate it and manufacture it into vaccines. There is no vaccine that protects every one against every type of flu.

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    Yes, sylvestergraham is right. Currently there are no known of any univesity flu vaccines by using other flus. Virus feeds off each other; if different types of flu virus were conjoined, it would make a mutated type of new virus developed from those previous interactions. Also, people react to the flus differently and most vaccines can affect people at different structures. 

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