How can sustainability be used to make an economy more stable?



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    One example of a way that sustainability will increase economic stability is through developing a system of transportation that is not as heavily reliant on oil, which will build energy independence. The US currently imports 57% of its petroleum, and 70% of all petroleum consumed is for transportation. If the US were able to reduce the amount of oil imported through relying less on oil during transportation, the economy would be more stable.

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    Moreover, “sustainability” is part of the ever growing green industry which not only creates new jobs, but encourages local consumption. Spending money bolsters the economy as money flows through all levels of commerce. Given that the Green trend shows no sings of slowing, and that alternative energy is the apparent future for America, and moreover the world ‘Sustainability’ is going to be a key feature in the developing economy.

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    Both sustainability and the economy need each other. If both fail, the consequences that come from each will be equally severe. In order for our conservation methods to be successful, we need to understand each aspect of how to run a functioning movement and the economy is part of that. I don’t believe one can help the other, I believe they both need to help each other at the same time.

    Even if you are pinching your pennies and paying your bills on time, you will still feel the economic crisis and even if you are the greenest most environmentally savvy individual in this world, if we are not working together, you will feel the environmental decline.

    It is understood that with the lack of funds, we will have less opportunity to develop more land and create more carbon emissions but this is only a short term fix. We need to balance both aspects in order to feel a true change for the future and that change will not come from one person alone.

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