How can a supermarket make themselves more eco friendly?



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    There are many ways that supermarkets have tried to make themselves more eco-friendly.  Supermarkets such as Fresh & Easy use LED lighting, increased insulation which leads to less reliance on AC, night shades on refrigeration units to trap cool air, and secondary-loop systems to reuse cool air.  The stores also take advantage of natural light, and have dimmers on their overhead lighting which adjust to the sun.  Stores can also install solar panels and increased ventilation for better air quality.  For additional ways to make a store more eco-friendly, follow the link below.

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    Supermarkets can also look at what they sell. They can supply local and organic foods over conventional produce and food shipped from far away. They can also use bulk bins and offer incentives for shoppers to use reuseable bags.

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    Supermarkets use and obscene amount of energy every day. However, consulting companies have popped up that assist large markets in cutting down on energy consumption- which saves the environment and also saves the market a lot of money. The links below are for a consulting company that performs the aforementioned service and an equipment supplier that focuses on green and energy efficient products. 

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