How can sugar be used for fuel?



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    Well, ethanol is an alcohol commonly sourced from the fermentation of high-sugar-containing crops. Good examples include corn, sugar beets, and sugar cane. Large crops of these plants are harvested, and their sugar content is processed into ethanol. Ethanol is an alcohol, which renders it flammable, so it can be used in specialized combustion systems.

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    Sugar can be turned into a fuel through the process of fermentation to be turned into a bioalcohol.  You might be more familiar with the term ethanol or the corn oil that was recently pushed to be used as a fuel.  While it is much better for the environment, it is also more costly to produce than first imagined.  It takes a lot of land to grow enough corn or other crop for fuel, especially when it could be used to solve the global hunger crisis instead.  Either way, it is an alternative that will likely lead us in the positive direction of more alternatives. 

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