How can states conserve their water supply?



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     Some of the ways states can help conserve water is by enforcing guidelines for industry and residents. Some of the industrial applications can include retrofitting existing plumbing with low-volume devices, providing educational programs and using leak detection programs. 

    Better water meter regulation, and conducting thorogh water use audits are also ways to conserve water on a state wide level.Recycling water (cooling towers) is also a great way for manufacturers and energy providers to cut down on water use. At the city planning stage, managing landscape irrigation can be critical. One step further is to incorporate separate sewage and runoff sewer systems.

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    1.  Plant trees appropriate to the local environment to increase rainfall. Fund systems to capture and filter rainwater for use.

    2.  Collaborate with the federally funded Americorps or Greencorps programs to train volunteers to set up plumbing systems that filter grey water in homes and commercial buildings for reuse (for example grey water from showers, washing machines, and sinks can be filtered to water lawns and landscapes)   Another plumbing alteration is to connect bathroom sink drains to toilet tanks so that water used in washing hands refills toilet tanks, like in the case of many toilets in Japan.

    3.  Re-examine state building codes in regard to plumbing systems to see if they allow or inhibit simple environmentally friendly solutions like the ones mentioned above.

    4.  Pressure federal representatives (Congressman and U.S. Senators) to alter farm subsidy system to award farmers who use the least water so that farmers will be encourage to switch over to permaculture methods (mulching for example) that will aid in saving water.  

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