How can climate change spark the economy?



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    Climate change and consequently the push for alternative energy technologies has potential to spark the economy. Green construction can not be outsourced to other countries so, like road building and other infrastructure projects, retrofitting houses and building alternative power plants can potentially produce thousands of new jobs that some say will put the U.S. at the forefront of the green movement. It is argued that unless the U.S. comes up with a new industry that other countries haven’t already set up for, we will lose much competition to China, India, etc. Green can be that industry. On the other hand, detractors suggest that green technology will take too long to get going and what we need to spark the economy is something immediate. See the article for more discussion.

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    Climate change is likely to cause a massive investment in infrastructure development. The building of new cleaner power plants: solar, wind, and hydroelectricity to name a few. This will create a “green collar” section of the economy, which will replace the jobs lost by the dirty coal power plants closing. There will also need to be more research on efficient energy technologies, as well as more information about the causes and effects of climate change.

    Sectors of the economy likely to grow: Green Collar jobs, research, meteorology, data analysis (to aide research), and education (to re-educate the populace about the changing world).

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