How can solar energy be made affordable?



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    Solar Energy Harvesting is a very good potential for our future needs and it does not use a lot of Non-renewable resources. If not for use in Major Industries, Automobiles, Solar Energy can suffice every Household’s Electricity needs.

    Recent developments in the field of Solar Energy Research have come up with a Plastic Photovoltaic cell. (PPV). PPV is set to revolutionise the Solar Energy Market, making it very Affordable. PPV is flexible, cost effective,lighter, easier to install, maintain and installations does not require heavy duty framework or securing. PPV’s cost will make it affordable and used it widespread. Presently, to install the PV cells, a massive heavyduty frame needs tobe installed on which the Solar Panel sits, and it is always a risk of damage. PPV is free of that risk and can be hoisted in a simple manner, and could even become DIY (Do It Yourself) compatable. Due to the Flexibility of PPV cells, it can be installed on almost all ceilings, rooftops, rooftops for Bus stations, buses and trains.  At homes, even conservatory tops can be made into PPV solar cells and energy harvested can be used for the household.

    It can be made more affordable, by developing simpler solutions to help in day to day uses. Mobile Phone chargers are currently based on Silicon PV cells. Making them plastic, flexible, simpler , smaller , could encourage more people to use solar energy to charge mobile phones, walkmans, personal mp3 players, notepads etc.


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