How can seed bombs be used to reforest an area?



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    Seed bombs may be used for aerial reforestation.  That is, the seeds are dropped from aircraft.  There are a few considerations that go into this – the seeds need to be packaged so that they hit the ground safely, but will still be able to grow.  Often they are packaged with soil and fertilizer.

    The seeds also need to be dropped somewhere that allows them to grow.

    In 2008, seed bombs were dropped on the southern coast of Louisiana to help reforestation there.  The Mexican National Forest Commission has been testing aerial reforestation, and park officials at Izta-Popo National Park near Mexico City have conducted a few drops of seed bombs.

    Seed bombs are also used to beautify urban areas.  Daniel Phillips, an environmental designer, actually made seed-bomb dispensing machines out of old candy machines, where seed bombs can be purchased for fifty cents.  They’re scattered around the country, frequently near college campuses.

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