How can scientists tell if trees can feel or not?



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    Trees are one-dimensional in the sense that they only have one type of cell.  That one cell can differentiate into a large variety of cells, but derives from one single, uniform cell.  

    ‘Feelings’ are pretty distinct and exist in mammals due to the presence of nerves.  Plant structure is pretty well researched.  Plants do not have nerves.

    However, there are several plants that react to stimuli and can, therefore, ‘sense’.  Stimuli vary from light to changes in soil nutrition to touch.  Nevertheless, these reactions are not the conscious decisions of plants since they do not have an organ to process these responses.  In other words, they simply do it because that is the only response that they have know.  

    In the recent years, there has been a strong emphasis on plant function and we, as humans, are finally beginning to understand the in-depth processes of plants.

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