How can scientists help change the environment?



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    It could be argued that almost everything scientists do has some kind of impact on the environment. It could also be argued that a great many scientists have no desire to change the environment, but to understand it; some of course do seek to change natural things, while some seek to restore environments to the way they were before humans screwed things up. They do (or don’t do) these things in all the ways of science. All of them.

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    It depends on what scientists you are talking about, but I believe that almost all scientists change the environment in some way, for better or for worse. Environmental scientists try to better understand the environment and how we are impacting it. Their studies impact political decisions regarding the environment- so I suppose you could say that scientists indirectly create government decisions on how we treat the environment. It may allow more or less carbon emissions, among many other possible decisions.

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    Wildlife biologists are scientists that study and track animals to learn their habitats, behaviors, and impacts on the environment. This information can help us understand how we can conserve and protect other species.

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    I feel that specific scientists have the ability to gather the knowledge needed to help others create a less harmful impact on the environment. A lot of the public believes they know what is best to protect our planet but in all honesty, I believe scientists are really the ones that hold the key to what can truly help make a more lasting impact. Although I am a huge advocate of everyone doing their part, at one point we need answers to larger questions and help to create greater solutions. Scientists have a lot of pressure on them because of this.

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    I believe you mean how scientists can change the environment for good. If this is what you mean, I think scientists can help changing the environment by using less what is not eco-friendly to discover what is more eco-friendly. By this I mean using materials that do not pollute the environment as they progress in their research and the end result will help in building the already damaged environment. That is to say discoveries that tend to destroy the environment should not be disclosed for people to know and employ them in their lives. Therefore every new discovery should be subjected to a type of Environmental Impact Assessment  to acertain whether it is environmentally friendly before it is made public.

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