How can scientists communicate better with the public on their climate change findings?



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    This is a great question because the majority of the people on this planet have not been educated in any formal manner on the subject of climate change. Those who have taken the time to read the scientific studies and literature are much more likely to want action in the subject of climate change policy and legislation. If scientists can put aside scientific jargon and report their findings not only to Nature or other scientific journals but also mainstream media, those not seeking information on the subject are more likely to stumble across new climate change science. There are many important social problems on political agendas that hit much closer to home, like the diminished economy, and climate change is likely to continue to take the back seat to more immediate matters in the media. However, if people start to become more and more educated on climate change, it is much more likely that it will be THE important to the general public down the road.

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