How can science help stop global warming?



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    Science helps us study how the world works, so that we can find solutions to the challenges we face.  Science encourages innovation, and innovation is what we need to adjust our lifestyle to curb the negative impacts of climate change. 

    Although I think that global warming is going to happen with or without the human species at this point, I think that the damage has been done, I do however think that we can create solutions to how climate change will affect us.  Science can provide with the intellectual tools so that we can develop the most appropriate responses and address the obstacles before they are on top of us.

    Some obstacles will be food production and distribution; irrigation; desalination; energy supply; spread of disease; and new medicine development and distribution. Science can help discover solutions to these obstacles, through research, evaluation, and implementation models.

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    Years ago (around 2006) scientists proposed releasing sulfur into the atmosphere to mimic the cooling effects of volcanic eruptions. This, however, would be a short term fix since sulfur lingers for only a short time in the atmosphere. Apparently, another proposal involves a shield orbiting Earth which would block excess sun rays and cool the planet.

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    Science can help with global warming, if it used correctly.

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